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We've always wanted to be your Wheaton landscaping company for all your home or businesses projects! Whether your on the Southside of Wheaton in Stonehedge, Arrowhead, Danada West, Danada East subdivisions or on the North Side near Northside Park, living near Wheaton College or along Roosevelt Rd in Wheaton.

We’ve been in business for over a decade and working mainly in the Western Chicago suburbs. From great landscape design and hardscape design, to water drainage repair issues, and services that include tree removal, tree and shrub trimming, patio installation, concrete work, we do it all! Give us a call or reach out to us, whether you have a large project, or small residential lawn maintenance. We provide fast, friendly, great service at a great price!

Our team at Ramirez Landscaping in Wheaton IL has accumulated years of on-project landscaping services, design, repair, and maintenance, your lawn will always be our number 1 job. Our Wheaton landscaping customers have been very loyal to us and have been with us for many years.

Wheaton Landscape Design Services

Our highly-qualified team includes a landscape architect and an environmental planner; giving us the ability to design creative, functional and practical landscapes for your property. We provide the following landscape design and landscape renewal services:

  • Landscape design, planting and construction

  • Repair cracked or damaged retaining walls

  • Adding on to existing landscape features

  • Repairing paving stones in driveways and yards

  • Concrete work for driveways, sidewalks and patios

  • Regrading property to prevent water damage and installing drainage pipe


Wheaton Hardscape Design Services

Landscape design and lawn care maintenance, we also construct paving stone driveways, fire pits and more! Adding hardscape to your Wheaton property can increase the beauty, outdoor living of your home. Working with homeowners, our planning, design and construction services include:

  • Paving stone walkways, driveways, and patios

  • Retaining walls

Drainage Repair Services in Wheaton

Standing water or overflow water damage can be a expensive especially if it is killing plants or in your Wheaton basement!

We’ll correct the problem for you with the following services:

  • Property grading to divert water away from your lawn and house

  • Repair landscaping and yard features that have been damaged by poor drainage

  • Prevent future damage with drainage pipe installation


Wheaton Landscaping Design and Construction Services

Some of our commonly requested services include:

  • Working with you to plan and design your next landscaping project

  • Help review existing landscape with homeowner and make necessary changes

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