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Concrete Projects

Nearly every home in the Chicagoland market has a driveway that at some point is in need of replacing. 20-30 year old asphalt driveways, old broken concrete driveways, sidewalks or porches, and old paver driveways damaged by years of salt and snowplowing are in need of replacement can be an eyesore and lead to more safety and property damage. We do not repair or patch concrete, we replace concrete. Your driveway is your "welcome" to the world, let's get it right!  Joel Ramirez can work with your city permit office, demo the existing driveway, sidewalks, porch or patio and regrade if needed, add more stone, place in rebar for strength and support and be prepared for any city inspection. Let's talk about replacing your existing driveway, sidewalk, patio or front porch today with new concrete!

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